Top 10 hottest Pornstars from New Zealand

Okay, I don’t really know much about other than it’s the last country in the world to be inhabited by humans and that it’s home to some of the hottest pornstars on the planet!

Kiwis (Not the fruit!) don’t get much hype as Americans or Brits, but they have some of the most beautiful women and a lot of them have made their way into the adult entertainment business. That being said, let’s take a look at the hottest pornstars from New Zealand:

  1. 3
    Brittney Alexander
    8.3 of 10

    Brittney Alexander is a sweet-looking blonde from Wellington, New Zealand. She’s been doing porn since the early 2000s and she has done almost anything from anal, interracial, to gangbangs.

  2. 7
    Sarah Louise Harris
    8.7 of 10

    Sarah Louise Harris is a beautiful and bosomy blonde from Wellington, New Zealand. She’s known for her shapely bikini-ready body and work as a glamour model.

  3. 6
    Beth Bennett
    8.5 of 10

    Beth Bennett is a 35-year-old blonde knockout. She has a curvaceous figure, tattoos, and a pair of glorious big tits. Ms. Bennett started out doing softcore and lesbian scenes but eventually transitioned into hardcore porn.

  4. 3
    Elle Georgia
    8.6 of 10

    Brunette beauty, Elle Georgia is a 27-year-old glamour model from Auckland, New Zealand. She has appeared on numerous glamour sites and constantly appears on everyone’s hottest model lists!

  5. 4
    Gemma Lee Ferrell
    8.9 of 10

    Gemma Lee Ferrell is a nude model from Pirongia, New Zealand. She’s the first New Zealand-born Playboy Playmate and has also done numerous mainstream acting roles, notably on the American fantasy drama television series “Witch Country.”

  6. 7
    Skylar Leigh
    8.7 of 10

    Skylar Leigh is another hot glamour/nude model from Wellington, New Zealand. She has a curvaceous and a nice bush that everyone’s talking about!

  7. 2
    Lily Rae
    9.1 of 10

    Lily Rae is a brown-eyed beauty from Auckland, New Zealand. She’s known for her work as a glamour model who has worked with some of the top glam sites on the net.

  8. 3
    Aubrey Black
    8.8 of 10

    Aubrey Black is another curvaceous and busty adult performer from New Zealand. She began appearing on numerous adult sites in 2017 and has done almost every sex act you can think of. Aubrey Black is popular among fans of anal and MILF porn.

  9. 4
    Amy Lee Summers
    8.6 of 10

    Amy Lee Summers is a 31-year-old blonde knockout from Wellington, New Zealand. She’s a glamour model who has appeared on numerous glamour sites and men’s magazines.

  10. 5
    Anika Shay
    8.8 of 10

    On the top spot, we have the gorgeous Anika Shay. She’s a busty brunette beauty from Auckland, New Zealand who’s known for her work as a swimsuit and glamour model. Ms. Shay has all the right looks and she’s totally ready for hardcore porn.

There you have it, our list of the top 10 hottest pornstars from New Zealand. While you’re at it, be sure to check out some of the ladies that almost made it to our list:

Penny Pax
Penny Pax is a blue-eyed redhead with a shapely figure and big breasts. She’s been doing porn since 2011 and has also done several mainstream acting stints.

Portia Paris
Portia Paris is a blonde bombshell with tattoos, big boobs, and luscious full lips that’s made for sucking dicks. She’s easily one of the fastest-rising babes in the industry right now.

Zara Ryan
Zara Ryan is a stunning redhead who’s known for her work on softcore and girl/girl porn. She has also started doing hardcore porn recently.

Lulu Reynolds
Hot redhead, Lulu Reynolds is an adult performer, streamer, and escort. She mostly does softcore and girl/girl porn. Ms. Reynolds runs her website and she’s currently based in Australia.