Facials Fever Review

Facial cumshot, cum facial, or often simply called facial is often considered as the climax of any sex scene. It’s a practice that’s been around even before the age of sexual liberation and modern pornography, and has been documented in literature as early as the 19th century. Today we take a look at a site that focuses on this highly erotic sexual act to see if it’s worth blowing money

Sinful Handjobs Review

Sinful Handjobs is a site filled with beautiful pornstars using their hands to do magical things on the cock. It offers non-exclusive content and has a great selection of full-length handjob videos and photos. Handjobs, when done right, can be a mind-blowing experience that some even prefer it over sex. The girls on Sinful Handjobs are adept with their hands, and they seem to have taken long years of practice